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Step Guide to Iran Editing

1. Provide Order Details

To get your paper edited by our team of expert editors, start by filling in the necessary information, upload files and add comments for your editor in the order form. After you press the “Submit” button, Iran Editing will take you through the process of placing an order and we will acknowledge the receipt of your order via email in two minutes.

2. Determine the Cost

You can use our free online pricing calculator , which is available on the Our Pricing Plans page to determine the cost of your order. You can enter the number of words to make sure the price fits your financial means.

3. Choose the Payment Method

We offer a vast variety of payment options the details of which are shared via email after initial reviewing of your orders. If you have trouble choosing the payment method, reach out to us via our 24/7 online chat.

4. Download the Order

Once our editors finish working on your order, we will send you an email notification in which the final edited document will be sent in MS word track change and clean copies. We guarantee timely delivery of your document.
We are confident that the given services will boost the quality of your manuscript, thereby increasing your chances of publication. We feel committed to re-edit your document if the journal editor rejects the manuscript owing to the quality of the language. All work completed within 10 business days.

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